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A love song that features lead vocal, backup vocals and tenor sax solo.
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Jazz - Nu Jazz
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Joey Allen
June 16, 2009
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5:12 minutes
Story behind the song
The love I have for my wife
Beautiful sunrise is approaching, Horizon of the deepest love. In my entire being, Enters that pleasant peace you bring. Like finding gold after the rainbow. Your face aglow is beauty, With your eyes so blue. Like grapes to vintage, My love for you the wine. As nightfall comes, Our love, the dusk at twilight time. Then will our love flow through the moonlight. For our hearts become one, The moment we touch. Dawn of love will show the way, When star lights disappear. Dawn of love leads me to your heart, Where your kiss takes my world to a dream. Where your breath weakens me to my knees. Where your stare sends my soul to the sea Of my love for you.
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