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Pushkin came to shove
the light again
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Jed Hate
Not Music 2003
December 21, 2005
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Story behind the song
this song is for Nerin
In Nerins arms as I passed I saw that she held dried flowers blue fractured lines spilt from her eyes as she wandered up narrow paved paths dropping them and picking them up again as she went she stops stooped on all fours and calls a name, 'i sung to them but they won't open to the light again', 'THE LIGHT AGAIN' she shouts on that fateful shopping trip they couldnt stop her grin, sickening to the good customers and security action figures though it was, but the seemingly ceaseless smile broke as she dropped her tins in the aisle, 'these arent my flowers' Nerin wailed. they grab her hair and drag her along the floor- the catalogued suits push her from the store, sending her out to wander Pushkin came to shove, that old dog OUT. Now he walks the house, the house is his this land is his he shoVED THAT OLD DOG OUT Can you walkthrough canyou wlakljk thoruough can yo uwalk through walktrhrough walk this land from end to end east to west and up agasin how muc hlONG ER TILL YOU CANT VISIT A FRIEND WITHOUT Paying or being run over, it is now itsis now its isn now it is nnowew it is nwo it is now pushkin came and he shoved that old dog out.
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