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wHO nEEdz nMiEs?
A new song written from scratch and finished today, (20/12/05 -lyrics+music) and will be the last one of the year. This song was recorded on my £70 Honher Countryman guitar.
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John Turner
John Turner
December 20, 2005
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Story behind the song
I have lost a number of friends in my reasonably short but long, long life. Someone recently said to me that 'if friendship passes by, then that's how it is.' You'll notice that I've pretty much used this in the final verse. When I was growing up on my own I never had many friends. I always wanted a pen pal. Even now I don't have that many friends and I still haven't got a pen pal. Forget all this texting stuff. I really disagree with coming to be close to people and then letting it just drift away due to circumstances but sometimes it happens and it's beyond one's control. Technically, this song is a whole new ball game for me; it's my first for a number of years that is based around D major. I've always found Dmaj and G maj tough chords to use in a song. Dmaj probably only features in three or four of my songs. My more recent songs seem to be simplified and less discordant. It is also one of very few songs to include a repeated chorus, or indeed a chorus at all. I wrote today (20th of the 12th) this in a few hours, added the lead and double vox, and here it is. As with all the others: just a draft, rough version.
Who needs enemies With friends just like these? Who needs the rainbow in the sky? Who needs your company When this is how you treat me? But I keep coming back for more... (chorus) Please do not tell me that this is 'how it is' Because this is not how I'd choose to live Girl B who you want to be Boy C will just sit here and cry (sit here and cry) With my face against the wind To see what the future will bring But I keep coming back to you (back to you) (chorus) Please do not tell me that this is 'how it is' (tell me how it is) Because this is not how I choose to live (some squeaking) She said 'friendship is just something that passes by' As I turn my back to the world.