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Angry Young Man
An explosive instrumental theme with softer melodic verses, blended together with a driving latin beat. For the many different types of angry people. Anger - sure, violence - no.
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Rock - Progressive Rock
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F. J. Serafim
F. J. Serafim
October 14, 2010
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Were you different from the rest, did you feel 3rd rate at best? Were your views just marginalized and your feelings trivialized? Was it hard to find a job, did you feel like you were robbed? Did you hide your feelings inside, was there no one to confide? Angry young man Did you ever want to hate, build a bomb and destroy the state? Is your indignation such that God has now become your crutch? Well, many people understand it's rampan here across the land I hope and pray we'll overcome and not regret what could become Angry young man