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The second track from our demo 'Lose my mind'. Some powerful heavy guitar riffs with a solid tone from drums and bass. Recorded at Studio R-Mic
Metal - Death/Black Metal
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January 19, 2006
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4:22 minutes
Obliterate I fought alone wounded my own Tears through the night why, I don’t know Though with despair drenched in agony I know I will overcome Fly, I will someday fly At night I crave the sky I see me, I’m beyond Far where I’m not a waist I’m so far out of sight I can’t hear your cries So here behold From your eyes it will unfold As I read between the lines I discovered hidden lies The result of their stories Was the vulnerability of my spirit But I cannot accept demise Deny don’t conform Beliefs you must confirm To see beyond the glow There I’m not alone Free devoid of others Supremacy is new to me A power never ending grace Smothers my hating face I wondered and pondered in the night When in silence I disappear Would tumble over me As I slept through the night Every night I bleed Every night I need Every night I see What I’ll never be In my eyes you’ll cry In my heart you’ll twist In my mind you are lost I never count the cost