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Hypocritical Condition
Here's a song about hypocrisy in today's church! It's got a message that points the finger at the most hypocritical person in the church... 'OURSELF'!
Rock - Christian Rock
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Words: Fekete Music: Fekete/Hatcher
December 14, 2005
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Story behind the song
Just a simple song about hypocrissy in today's society. Points the finger at our selves!!!
Hypocritical Condition Tells you that you shouldn't smoke, WHile lighting up his cigarette Tells you gambling's such a sin And... Loses out on every bet Says it's wrong to fornicate But, fifty bucks is very cheap... Finds himself a fine young girl While his wife's at home asleep Hypocrissy! Hypocrissy! Holds the word within his hand But, speaking lies with every breath The word of God can never fail, But, Boy... You're preaching hate and death I wish that I could be like you... So perfect, holy, pure and wise If I was all you claim to be I'd change my name to Jesus Christ!!! Hypocrissy! Hypocrissy! Why do you always tell us to do something that you don't even do yourself? Why do you live these lies? You're a hypocrite! Hypocrite! And you're living in hypocrissy... LIES! I stand here in my imperfection Trying to live the best I can. Not making false accusations I'm nothing more than a mortal man. I have no excuse for making mistakes It's just my own stupidity I stand in belief that at times I fail And I become... Hypocrissy! Hypocrissy! Hypocrissy! Words By: Mark Allen Fekete Music By: Mark Fekete & Mike Hatcher © Fekete-Rose Productions 1989/2005
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