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Next To You
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Han Kim
December 13, 2005
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Verse 1 these days i never think about the life I lead thoughts of wandering in the street today I'll try to live my life the way I should but it never turns out that way Bridge you and I are meant to be never leave the side of me with you now I see the light in my arms you feel just right I think about the times I knew exactly what I'm supposed to do now i'm stuck here, nothing said then I see a light ahead Chorus How did you find me? Now will you guide me? When the night is through I hope I'm still here Next to you Where do we go now? What can we do now? Our love with steer ahead and you saved me like you said Verse 2 The way you found me in this darkness, don't know how I've been drifting for a while Just stay even in this darkness I don't care a love like this is just too rare