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A new song of mine. Only my voice and two guitars! But they're fast and I like to thrash my little guitar.
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Andrew Stein
Andrew Stein
December 13, 2005
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Spark! You lit a spark within me And the fire it burned on incessantly until My mind was encapsulated by your sweet smile All the while in the back of my head I said I can’t believe you’re sitting here with me But here we are, I made it this far without you But I can’t go on much longer, I feel stronger when your near And I fear so very little when you’re around, I know it sounds like I’m in love, oh am I in love, were you Sent to me from above? Oh I think you were, yes I think you were I think you are here for me because I am here for you always my dear, I will always be here for you my dear The spark sent off a chain reaction and there’s a satisfaction when I see your eyes and they’re looking at me, well they made my slippery mind lose me Where did my mind go? Where did my heart go? You took it away, my mind, my heart, you took it away My breath, you took it away, and the rest of me I will give to you Just ask for anything my dear, and it’s yours, and it’ll be ours because you lit the spark within me like fireworks it showers down upon us Brilliant bright green and blue and red sparkling up and down In the sky, and I see them in your eyes and it makes me feel Good to be with you because, yes it’s true, I always knew, My heart flew when I saw you, because I love only you Now I’m not vain, but let me explain the reason I Never refrain from staring at you in surprise All the while, I guess it must be your smile and your Hair as dark as the coal that made the diamonds in your eyes And that voice of yours, girl Makes me lose control You set the spark that made the fire that burned me to my soul Overflowing with love, like I never could know before But you lit me up inside like a spark
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