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Over in America
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Irish Folk/Alternative: America is a strange place, and that suits us just fine!
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W. Scott Messer
2004, Darby O'Gill
June 15, 2009
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Over in America W. S. Messer The Gettings Good, Darby OGill, 2004 They got a thousand channels on TV; its a terrible necessity But there isnt anything to see - anywhere you turn Theyve got the cellular telephone so you can call them when theyre not at home Still, they want to be left alone. Theyve got money to burn Over in America Everybody wants to be a star, and everybody drives a car They never go too far; but they always go so fast They try to load their bases; they know exactly what their place is Cause they always win their races: well, they never come in last Over in America All the monsters here are tame; they put their saints in cages Theyve got themselves to blame. Its a bit outrageous Everybody plays the game; the competition is contagious And they go up in a flame or they disappear in stages Over in America America, America, God shed His grace on thee Youve got to be on your guard, but when things start to get too hard You just put it on your credit card; see the money flow The managers trying to tame us, the tabloids want to blame us It looks like were gonna be famous: did you hear us on the radio Over in America All their wise men are insane; the psychics are their sages All their heroes are the same, and you can find them in the yellow pages It might be a shame, but its been that way for ages And they go up in a flame or they disappear in stages Im gonna get a little bit of fame. Its gonna be courageous Everybodys gonna know my name. Isnt that outrageous They all know why I came: the competition is contagious And Im gonna go up in a flame or Ill disappear on stages Over in America Or Ill go up in a flame
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