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An upbeat track featuring an elliptic flute melody, a jazzy Rhodes solo and seductive spoken Mongolian vocals, all held together by the djembe song, Soli...
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Instrumentals - Jazzy Beats
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December 12, 2005
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Story behind the song
I developed this song around Jako Loots's performance of Soli, a traditional djembe song of the Maninka people of Guinea. As is usual for me, I launched into it with no idea of the history of the original, and I guess it would have turned out differently had I known that the Soli dance is associated with circumcisions and excisions... To learn about the fascinating history of djembe rhythms, visit: http://echarry.web.wesleyan.edu/jembearticle/article.html Thanks also to Bilegt at Arslanstudios for setting me straight; the vocals are Mongolian and not some weird dialect of Chinese!
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