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Interracial Facial
This song is about kidnapping 5 year old asians and raping them.
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Electronic - Trip Hop
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Gothic Gary
my penis
December 07, 2005
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Story behind the song
I like young asian girls, what's wrong with that?
There's cum on my pants from masturbating so long I want an asian chick to suck on my shlong Maybe a french bitch to quinch my thirst But i gotta find some kids to kidnap first I went to McDonalds and saw a single mom Got an erection at the 5 year old asian I saw I followed her to the parking lot to her mercedes Benz Put a gat to the rich whore's head and snatched her kid She let out a shriek, I let out a shot Blood's on the concrete, a corpse never looked so hot I popped a boner when I strapped her kid into the seat Could barely drive because I was beatin my meat I drug her out by her legs she was kickin and screamin Couldn't wait to shoot a load and make her taste my semen Interracial Facial - I kidnap kids for fun From many different countries they all taste my cum She looks like santa claus cause her whole chin is white If you use a stun gun on them they won't put up a fight I took off her little plaid skool girl skirt And popped 16 boners when I took off her shirt I couldn't wait to see her little virgin hiding place Her sweet sweet nector I was soon to taste I stuck my tounge in and she let out a little moan Through all the screaming and crying I still shot a load I kinda missed her face but I was sure to try again 5 year old kiddie rape is my favorite fucking sin She was a little tight but my fingers loosened it up My penis entered nice and clean but left covered in blood Now she was quiet from the stun gun shots Or maybe from the knife or maybe from my cock I was about to bust a nut so I thought I would share Got it right between the eyes cause my penis has crosshairs