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The Roll Call -- Vengeance
1992/ Rock/ Acoustic Rock - Written by Bernie Hahn and the First song on the 'God War' CD this song tells it like it is. 'There's a street called straight that everyone must travel on..............'
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Rock - Christian Rock
Previous peak charts position #113
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2005 Roman Recordings, Published 1993
October 30, 2019
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The Roll Call Revelation 3.15-18 by Hahn, Roman & Schwartz Vengeance by Bernie Hahn Odyssey encamps its troop all around me Tearing my defense of how this world should be A nation without God has entered the age of insanity Try not rock the boat, the populace tells me Everything will turn out right, just wait, you'll see Come and join the fun, come on, get drunk on depravity There's a street called "Straight" that everyone must travel on You're a wedding guest, but poorly dressed, the Groom is gone You're a wedding guest, but poorly dressed, the Groom is gone When He comes again the balance will be in His hand He is coming for you What will you do? Look at what we say Look at what we say Look at what we say We're making up nonsense Look at how we live, we're living a pretense, Persecute the good and glorify violence Changing bad and good it seems what we do best, Slaughter the children, before they can protest Doesn't anybody hear the blood of the innocent See the tragedy of life crying all around But the deaf and dumb created ones hear not a sound There is One who hears and knows and judges all we do, He'll be gettin' round to you What will you do? You can run and build your place to hide and your new age prophets tongues have all been tied War has come so now unsheathe your sword Taste the bitterness of the vengeance of the Lord! Robert Schwartz: Riff Rhythm Guitar, Maracas Bernie Hahn: Rhythm & Lead Guitar Rick Roman: Lead & Bass Guitar, Vocal, Drum Programming
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