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Distant Day
Distant Day is about life's struggles and waiting for the day when it will all be better.
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Danny Rey
Danny Rey
November 27, 2005
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Story behind the song
The first Verse is about a woman working in an industry due to her circumstance. Not wanting to be there but knowing that at this time she has no other choice. She waits for her "Knight In Shining Armor" so to speak, to take her away from it all. 2nd Verse is about the struggles that a lot of hardworking men experience and the difficulties of finding the balance of work time and family time. Often they are misunderstood by their partner in their intentions. 3rd Verse is about a woman who was cheated on by her husband because of pressures in their relationship and as much as she tries to forget the situation it's always on her mind. The relationship has ended and she is left with the kids but she misses him all the same and wishes that he could have understood her and that she could have understood him. Listen to the lyrics and see if you can relate. These are real life situations that people experience everyday but quite often they feel that they are the only one going through the tough times.
Verse 1 Coming from a broken home Growing up feeling all alone Sad to see what you could have been Now you’re living a life of sin Sweet deceit shining from your face Tears flowing from a night of disgrace Waiting for your hero to take you away But you know that’s a distant day….. Verse 2 Save your pennies for a rainy day Spend a little along the way Dream of your home and your family too But the bills keep piling up on you Take away these pressures you plead Pray for the day that you will succeed Waiting for the freedom to come your way But you know that’s a distant day….. Verse 3 Sitting at home, babies in arms Contemplating what went wrong You tried so hard but it was in vain The thought of them drives you insane How you wish he could truly see Just how good life could be Waiting for the moment he will stay But you know that’s a distant day… Distant Day…. [G]