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Hip hop hillbillies cut this funky twangdoodle of a groove with healthy bluegrass elements. Peace out y'all!
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Rampant Jake Bullets
Rampant Jake Bullets Moonshine Jug Band
November 24, 2005
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Story behind the song
With absentee fathers and inebriate mothers cartoons often became the parental figure to grow up with. Though they were violent, sexist and downright dodgy they were all we had so don't blame us for the next generation of 'toons which, to fit in with the downfall of social morals, are going to be even wronger.
I used TV as another fucking parent Because I wanted love but I wasn;t into sharing The needle with Shmeegel but I call her "mom" By my fifth birthday my old man was gone For hours a day messages to my brain Searching for channels instead of a vein Cartoons, their values, to most of them, thankyou I couldn't have made it this far without you While mommy and granny played naked kabaddi I had no-one to look up to, no Mr Miagi When the guy from Def Leppard had his arm severed Miagi would teach him how to finish his record "Well Miagi san, I will paint your fence I will sweep the yard and be tender in bed But the car cleaning thing is where it goes wrong Wax on, wax on, wax on, wax on" With no Miagi I would look to Shaggy "A beatnik with a tapeworm?" But he was happy And so we were raised, shaped our world view On the wit and the wisdom of Scooby Doo Unmask the beast, Gary Glitter's who it is "I would've got away if it weren't for meddling with kids" That fucking skunk, it was Pepe Le Pew Began to play with my screws started working them loose The example he set, a program in my head If they play hard to get become a sexual threat You can stalk them and slap them, call and kidnap them But don't try to romance them as that's sexual harassment Drop a safe on your head or even an anvil Hit you with a brick and end up in a landfill But if they remake it they have to update it For the kids who are jaded even though they will hate it (pre) So where's the next step? Where you gonna go? Where are the limits of a cartoon show? (chorus) I can't wait 'cos I know it's coming soon Date Rape Dog and Rohypnol Raccoon Burberry Fox and Yosodomy Sam A cure for the PC tan Political correctness will come to protect us Make sure we're sexless before it affects us Now chivalry is dead and my words are blunt I might get a red cap and wear it back to front "Good god we don't want you to be sexually active Base Teela's figure on Margaret Thatcher" I know it's incredible but would it be oedipal If I now wished that celluloid was edible All this profanity comes from the anarchy Of cat versus mouse with a chainsaw insanity Fall off a cliff I wouldn't die or so I thought But superheroes cripple when they fall of a horse "We're in power, our wives try to ban them To stop the kids and their hand cannons" Shot in the face but that won't stop them "Maybe that's why we have such a gun problem?" With education and parents failing Find a common target to stick the blame on "Can't find Osama? Try Bananas In Pyjamas" It ain't a cartoon but they're still a part of Light hearted decadence making no common sense At least in my day they were based around violence It ain't gonna sell to the kids under twelve Who's speak and spell will only say 'fuck' Animation amateurs coming up with characters See how it be when they breach the parameters But they are faceless and this is the basis For Tipa Gore to thawed from her cryogenic stasis They want Iron Mong to appear on TV "Spastic fused with technology" The redneck baboon is angry and drunk I like Disco Hitler, the fuhrer of funk (pre) (chorus) When my heart got screwed it was broken in two But Dogtanian's mom could repair the wound I looked for her balms and her creams and her charms Do you know the reason I could find none? You think French catholics would've stood for her tricks Called her the daughter of six sixty six Potions and lotions equals devotion To that goat legged, horn headed fan of Hulk Hogan 1748 they would not tolerate Proclaim her a witch and burn her at the stake But now today the pharmaceutical trade Has wiped 'curing diseases' from Christ's resume I know it's hard to believe but some people attack me So I serach for an answer with a google for 'acme' That's one of those claims that you know isn't true Like Jenny From The Block or the threat of bird flu The death of innocence under their influence 'Gimme one example' look who is president One cartoon really stuck in his head I can't do the voice but this is what he said "I am George, prince of america Defender of the secrets of Starbucks and Marlboro This is Condoleeza my nuclear weasel Everything she does jsut that wrong side of legal Fabulous secrets were revealed to me In the oval office when I did a Lewinsky I held aloft daddy's magic sword And said 'no' to Kyoto and 'yes' to war I am king so fuck the rest of you I proclaim 'By the power of Texaco!' She became mightier than Oprah And I became a cunt" (pre) (chorus)
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