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Destiny (v.3 alt. take)
First mix. Work in progress.
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November 25, 2005
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3:51 minutes
Story behind the song
Is it really destiny or fate that sets our course in life or can we take the wheel at any given time and make the world spin our way? Broke one of the songwriting rules: Verse is in the second person, chorus in the first person.
Come so far Nobody recognizes you At times it's been hard Look at the things you do You see ahead While others keep holding back Sharpening your edge A modern day Kerouac Time is a bomb ticking inside you Destiny... Trying to get the best of me There can be no peace for me Till I rest in piece Fantasy... Carved in stone reality I changed up the melody Now I've got my harmony Born to lose Thats what the fates have sold you Look at your shoes They were never meant for you Days go on past Nights are wicked and cold But you'll make it last With dreams to have and hold Chorus:
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