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Standing On The Edge
Slow tempo, heart-felt, melodic rock
Rock - Rock General
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Cindy K/Scottie J
Cindy K/Scottie J 2005
December 03, 2005
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4:51 minutes
Story behind the song
I'm impatient as these songs are recorded raw at our last practice off of my itty bitty MP3 recorder!! Can't wait till we get to the studio and really get the chance to dub back-up vocals and clean them up. The words for this song were inspired by the following: Late last year Scottie was T-boned while driving and his truck flipped. The paramedics gave him the okay and sent him home. A month later the left side of his body went numb and started going limp. He went to the emergency room and they told him they would be doing brain surgery within the hour. The doctor couldn't believe he was even walking and told him he had a 50/50 chance to live. His brain had been bleeding and was pushed up against his skull with intense pressure. That was in February. By May he was playing guitar with the band.
Standing On The Edge©CindyK/ScottieJ 2005 – Arrangement: Scottie J Lyrics: Cindy K Standing on the edge I can see the other side Never did believe that I’d have to say goodbye Things I thought I knew now I know were just a lie If I could see you now clear as I can see you in my mind Oh, oh Gotta find my way Tell me, is it too late? There’s people in this world ain’t got no love for me Still I take em by the hand cause that’s the only way to be As I’m lying in this bed I pray that one day they will see That the only thing you take is the love that you create Oh, oh Gotta find my way Tell me, it’s not too late Instrumental Well he walked into my world and he brought a gentle rain He took so much of me till nothing else remained Broke my heart in two but I allowed it just the same Now I’m standing on the edge contemplating change Oh, oh Gotta find my way Tell me, it’s not too late Oh, oh Gotta find my way Please tell me, it’s not too late
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