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I've Had Enough
Bass-thumping, guitar driven rock and roll topped off with raw female vocal.
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #150
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #44
Cindy K/Scottie J
Cindy K/Scottie J 2005
December 03, 2005
MP3 3.3 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:34 minutes
Story behind the song
I'm impatient as these songs are recorded raw at our last practice off of my itty bitty MP3 recorder!! Can't wait till we get to the studio and really get the chance to dub back-up vocals and clean them up. This songs speaks for itself...fed up with being treated second rate by a particular member of the male species who shall remain nameless... for now!
I’ve Had Enough©CindyK/ScottieJ 2005– Arrangement: Scottie J Lyrics: Cindy K Don’t wanna hear about you missed me last night That you’re feeling real bad And you wanna make it right I’ve heard that line about a thousand times So before you waste your breath Let me say what’s on my mind I’ve had enough I’ve had enough Your time’s up You been playin this game since the very first day Now it’s time to let you know I can’t take anymore So you can wipe off that grin This time you ain’t gonna win I’m hear to let you know It ain’t gon’ happen again I’ve had enough I’ve had enough Your time’s up spoken: "I guess you think you're real cute, huh? Well I'm gonna teach you a thing or two about playing with fire. Cause mamma told you not to play with the flame, or you're liable to get burned." I’ve had enough I’ve had enough I’ve had enough I’ve had enough Your time’s up
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