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Love Again (ft/g Marjoleine Reitsma)
(2nd version of the song, orig. has been removed) Features vocals + accordion by Marjoleine Reitsma. See lyrics/story.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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John Turner
John Turner
November 13, 2005
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Story behind the song
I asked Marjoleine to record the vocal track for this song. I never expected her approach to be so professional and sensitive but it was. I am indebted. Here, Leine contributes main vocals with harmony and also accordion. After adding her parts I then added the lead guitar and during mixing also some additional lyrics (inside the speech marks) that just felt right at the time. This song is nearly half a minute longer than the original. The rhythm guitar is a bit fuzzy at times but I've explained my equipment problems in previous posts. I'm very happy with the contribution Leine made and would recommend you check out her own material at: www.sonicbids.com/leine
(verse) You'll learn to love again You'll tear it down again You'll make the same mistake You'll find someone to blame (verse) You'll burn yourself again You must learn to turn away From the worthless ones I don't wanna see you come to harm (middle) And this is for the tear stains And thank you for the mess you made (bridge) They say time it heals Then I guess it's how to deal With the pain I still feel The pain I still feel "I still feel you in my blood" (verse) You'll learn to love again Will you tear it down again?