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These Words
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Just words.
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John Turner
John Turner
October 27, 2005
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Story behind the song
Words. My first attempt at acapella. More details are on GMC. (blog)
These words, these words Held together by invisible string Just one short, sharp pull is all it takes And the world comes crumbling down The bones that hold you up They’re sighing beneath the pressure Give in, give in This charade can’t go on forever For morning is when you blow the clouds away Black as newborn death This violent storm it never stops You are only ligaments and breath Give in, give in Sweetheart aren’t you tired? A name behind a pseudonym Is this what we become? Were you Too busy casting shadows In the thoroughfares of life Too busy caught up in the race To withstand the glare of light I preferred these words, these words That do not taste like calamity: ‘Be mine,’ ‘share with me your soul,’ ‘the sky is full of dreams’ Do I gather my regrets as one would gather stones To hurl into the surf? Do I claw my face with the barbed wire of reproach Is this what I deserve? For it all, dearest For it all, I would perhaps never cease desiring you But the heart’s desire can be its own undoing I’ve been told These words, these God-forsaken words They are held tentatively, dangling on this string I beg that you show mercy when you do it And you must do it Twist the knot tight …to hear the shadows sing.
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