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John Pfeifer - Vocals, guitars, sound effects, piano, synths, bass, music/lyrics; Matt Scott - Synths, sound effects, samples, flute, autoharp, cello, the word "retch"
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer
June 20, 2009
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Story behind the song
What is it about? Hope, faith, redemption... BWAAHHH-HAAA!!! Just kidding! How about: a stunted, doomed, dangerous, relationship that threatens to happen between a barfly and the Nietzche-reading, pharmaceutical-addicted yet beautiful long-haired girl stuck in a miserable relationship with a psycho biker, and how said barfly's inaction was an action in and of itself... Or, whatever, sure: fairytale romance, a celebration of humanity, a spiritual awakening... (bwaaahhhaaaaa...)
("She was 23 or 24... and you knew she was going to die.") It's been a long morning, thought I'd stop for a beer. It's funny, I was hoping to run into you here. So -- what's this I hear about him losing his mind? You say it'd be different if only you could make your heart mine. Well, it sounds like a lovely plan; I'd sure like to be your man if you're courageous enough. You say the pills aren't working for you anymore; yeah, it'd be hard to walk away when he won't let you out of the door. Well, hey -- a 12-pack, some Xanax should hold us 'til noon; but he'll be here in an hour, so let's do something crazy real soon. It sounds like a hell of a plan; I'm sure glad to be a man who's courageous enough... Don't wrap yourself in worry, I'm only as far away as the phone. I know, he makes you frightened, and the marrow run cold in your bones. Keep the doors and windows locked, don't take him on on your own; just keep yourself sedated, and don't slash your wrists before I get home. You don't have to be suffering alone... I don't think it's just the Rolling Rock holding my hand. And it's not just narcotics convincing you to take an overdue stand. You wanna be in St. Louis, make tracks before dawn; you'd like to be in Missouri before he even knows we're gone (...ye-ah). Well, it sounds like some righteous plan, it's just too bad I'm not such a man who's courageous enough. You've got to ditch this denial, lose that son of a b*** . I can't help you in this madness, but I'll hold your hair up while you retch. I think he may have seen you kiss me in the car; it could have something to do with him smashing your head on the bar That wasn't part of the plan -- I really should put a stop to the man... I'm not courageous...
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