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Sunshine (parts one and two)
Part One: The Theft, Part Two: The Lie
Alternative - Experimental
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Daniel Phelps
Daniel Phelps 2005
October 24, 2005
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Part One, The Theft When they took it Took it away to the dark place. Seperated the sunshine. Made it feel like moonlight, then set it on fire. When they burned it. Set it alight, watched it wither. Embers sent up to the sky. Made out under the moonlight, with lips that Stole my sunshine. You can't take my Sunshine away. They left me All alone in the store. I grabbed boxes and piled them high. Then I climbed up and reached towards the sky. I was trying to take hold of The Sunshine You Can't take my Sunshine Away. --- Part Two, The Lie When I wake up Everything seems right. When I wake up. And when I wake up. Up into the light. It feels nice. And everything's shining. And everything is good. 'Cause of you. 'Cause of you. You gave me my. You gave me back my Sunshine. You Can't take my Sunshine away.
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