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Kappa slappa
Geordie rap. Performed via the medium of CHARVA.
Podcasts - Comedy
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October 13, 2005
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Story behind the song
One rainy toothache day with a bottle of cheap vodka, a mic and a big black genius. It represents what all geordies have to endure. The charva. Music written and produced amazingly quick by Capulet. Lyrics by yours truly. Cap if your out there...Yaalreet?
This fookin divvy caught us roud the sivvy on me todd, he fookin twatted and battered us 'pretty hard for fookin mods' I had hod's of cut's and bruises all ower me body but i'll get them fucked the morra cos me older brother's a squaddie. Am harder than ye, fookin start and ye'll see You tryin to be cheeky you witty me dad fookin runs this city I fookin popped 23 o' me mates E's I necked two pints of vodka and am eatin me pie and peas and a kebab Let's stab a hippy that's not in a football team N' gan doon to Ikon and get in in trainers and jeans N' start on the bouncer cos the bastards bigger than me N' try all the car door's cos a picked up his car key We'll run it ower a cliff and smoke a spliff at end's link A got it off a charva it's the best It's called Dink HERE, I THINK SHE FANCIES YE IF YU DIVVINT HAVE MUCH LUCK THEN SEND ER OWER TO ME n' al take that kappa slappa in the back on the seat so she can squeeze out twenty little bastards like me and then al fookin flee to the next party to fook a fourteen year owld money tree TOON ARMY! (chorus) If ya see a girl wearin kappa just grab the bitch n slap a if ya see a girl wearin kappa ya kna she's yours If ya see a girl wearin kappa yer kna yer can graba and er and slap a If you see a girl wearin kappa ya kna she's yours (Work the rest oot yerselvs yer lazy fukka's)
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