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How Can I Grasp
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A hymn written by Ali McLachlan about the awesome love of God, recorded and performed by me.
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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Ali McLachlan
Mark Heath, Ali McLachlan
October 11, 2005
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Story behind the song
Part of a series of recordings of songs written by people from West Street Baptist church.
How can I grasp this awesome love That stooped to wash one stained with sin That won a rebel heart like mine And died to bring me peace with him? What grace that fixed that love on me Selfless yet so undeserved A love which paid my debt with pain That death eternal life secured While others stood outside the light - Immanuel's rejection - He granted me, a son of God The hope of resurrection. I cannot tell the debt I owe, A sum beyond all counting. His grace has planted faith in me And cast out all my doubting This awesome love has won my heart. How could I love another? When all I have is found in him, In Christ and in no other O may I serve this awesome love A heart forever grateful My king, my life, my all in all May I be ever faithful.