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The Revolutionary Kolomeyka
Orange Revolution Kolomeyka Ukrainian dance song. Available in 128bps MP3 format from http://www.the-ukrainian.co.uk
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Podcasts - Comedy - Political Humor
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Stepan Pasicznyk.
2005 October
October 10, 2005
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3:06 minutes
Story behind the song
Satirical look at the political situation in Ukraine from December 2004 to now to the tune of an old traditional Ukrainian dance song.
To the tune of the merry Oy ta duna duna duna dayna Kolomeyka. The revolutionaries kolomeyka! Once there was a business man Who fixed his own election Then they had a revolution Tried to change direction All Ukraine was then united Round a simple song That said corruption was the countries Biggest single wrong. Yushchenko became the leader In this situation Tymoshenko’s speeches made them Heroes of the nation Yanukovych failed to trick them With his dirty plan and Then he was renamed The nations biggest bogey man Yushchenko then said that the Corruption hasn’t gone then Sacked his government And said that this cant carry on Tymoshenko was the highest Profile in the sacking Some say that she made her millions With some dodgy backing. With her sacking she’d become A lady unprotected She could be arrested now that She had been rejected. So she turned her charms to Putin Russia’s leading man and Said he's not that bad at all A really clever plan Now he’s said “we’ll drop the charges You are not detested. If you visit Russia now You will not be arrested” Yushchenko is similar In choosing his new friends. He Has a new prime minister A Russian to the end. Kutchma’s given Yushchenko And Yanukyvych blessing Looks as if those arguments Were only window dressing Nice to see the clans are pals And all are shaking hands now. Its just difficult for us To fully understand Makes you wonder whats the point And whose behind these plans or Was the revolution just a Switch between the clans? There were demonstrations on the Streets just last December Difficult for anyone in Office to remember? You’ve all kept your millions And there’s no one there to blame If the country changes now Or if it stays the same! © Stepan Pasicznyk aka Ludwig 04/10/05
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