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Long Texas Highway
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A. J. Howard
December 13, 2005
MP3 4.4 MB, 128 kbps, 4:51
Story behind the song
Driving back from a looooooong trip from Texas. My buddy Collin actually came up with the idea.
Long Texas Highway By A.J. Howard © 5-Feb-2004 Verse 1 I’m leavin’ Oklahoma in a rusty ol’ truck. Goin’ to Dallas gonna’ try my luck. These ol’ wheels they keep on a rollin’ down U.S. highway 83. And I told her that I would not miss her, but I took her memory with me. And I don’t know now if I’m returning. I don’t know how long I’ll be. (cause I’m) Chorus: Driving down that long Texas highway, and I’ll see you there if you’re goin’ my way. And please excuse me if I seem a little sideways. Cause I’ve been driving all night on that long………..Texas Highway. Verse 2 Well that old midnight train, cries along the tracks beside of me. And I drive all night long, but I can’t shake her memory. The steamy rain falls like tears. Down on to my windshield. And now I’m forced to recall the night that our love was killed. (and I’m) Chorus: Bridge: You know that long Texas highway is cold. And I feel that I am growing too old. You know that long Texas highway never ends. And on this ol’ highway you’ll never find any friends. On this ol’ highway you’ll never find any friends. Verse 3 Hey babe you said you’d love me forever. Well it seems forever’s come. You left me broken and lonely. Now my heart has come undone. If I was strong I’d come back and face you, but I’m weak and now I’m gone. Guess I’ll see what’s waiting in Dallas, but for now I’ll just sing along.
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