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The Whole School is Knocked Up(Way to Go, Society)
This hurt to record.
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Previous peak charts position in subgenre #38
W. Hearsemaker
October 03, 2005
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Story behind the song
Once when I was 9 years old, I tried to bury myself alive. I couldn't fit in the coffin though, because of my thyroid problem, so I put a cereal box over my head, stuck my hand in, holding matches, lit one, lit the box on fire, and I ran into the street, drowned to death and died. That's why pre-calculus is a useless class.
I'm sitting next to this girl on the bus And every third word she has to cuss She has a lot of make-up on her acne Dyed hair, scratching from the crack, he Gave her after he gave her his lust Made me throw up Made me throw up Made me throw up Made me throw up Hungry aroma of cigarettes and dip Exposed second-layer of the lip Talking on her cell phone about the dad She saw me write this, then she got mad Violently grabbed it and gave it a rip Censorship slut Censorship slut Censorship slut Silences the truth Way to go Way to go Way-to-go, way-to-go, way-to-go Way to go Society Society Way to go
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