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A Right To Live
Country - Christian Country
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Bob Beckley(BMI)/Frank Green(ASCAP)
2005 Bob Beckley Music/Tinker-Toil Music
September 24, 2005
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3:22 minutes
As sure as that ol' moon was full and stars shone bright above As sure as our two hearts were one, you were conceived in love And as you grew within me, a precious gift of life All you ever wanted was a chance to see the light Things got complicated when we found that you were here We couldn't face the future, so we made it disappear We came with sharp, cold instruments and hearts as hard as stone And took away your right to live as if it were our own Chorus: Who are we to take a life Only God has that right Every baby's also His And they all have a right to live Now sometimes when I see a child, it makes me feel so sad I cry each time I think about the life you never had If I could change the past somehow, the first thing I would do Is bundle up your right to live and give it back to you Repeat Chorus
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