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Soaring synths combine with driving guitars and flighty vocals to make quite a pretty song.
Rock - Punk
Previous peak charts position #261
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #11
2005 Strike Four
September 21, 2005
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A flutter of wings that matches the tempo Of my beating chest and my souls crescendo Gently alight on my hand and see This is all I want, I only need One more chance to see your eyes shine Like an ocean spray of mist so fine My captured heart belongs to you Even if you choose to break it in two Butterfly patterns of beauty play across your eyes Butterfly Making flighty feelings Unfamiliar arise A blanket of orange covers the day A pillow of blue on a hammock of gray A touch that yet remains a dream Oh how far away does it seem From the hoped for reality Of you in my arms as you whisper to me "There's no way I will ever leave Lest God take my soul, lest I cease to breathe" Butterfly Break from the cocoon, take flight Butterfly I have just one chance To get it right A long road leads to disant lands The journey makes its own demands None of this happens by chance It all begins with one small glance The effects are clear to see Like the wind that felled the tree Your wings stirred up a hurricance And now my darkness has been slain
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