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Someday, Someday
A nice campfire song for hopeful hearts.
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2005 Strike Four
September 21, 2005
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The grand scheme of things Is really nothing so grand A simple story of a boy Who asks a girl if he can hold her hand Every night he prays Just to see her smile The sight of such splendor for which he would run mile after mile Maybe it's a big mistake Maybe he's a silly sod Maybe it's a dream come true Maybe it's an act of God Someday, someday Maybe they'll run away And be together always Until the end of their days Someday, Someday When his heart down he'll lay For what he hopes is true That maybe she loves him Cause he know's he knows he loves her too So he's doing everything He thinks is necessary To shoulder this heavy burden Oh, it's such a joy to carry Defying all the odds She's way out of his league Desperately trying to Attract a little bit of intrigue Blinded by his childish faith Blinded by an angel's light Blinded by his own two hands Blinded by a chance at flight Someday, someday Maybe we'll run away And be together for always Until the end of our days Someday, someday When my heart down I lay For what I hope is true That maybe you love Cause baby I know I love you
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