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Sleepy Town v.4
Listen to this gem of a demo, with "newer" vocals by Squint. Loaded with vintage guitar riffs and solos!
Album - $9.00
Alternative - Other Alternative
Charts #10,392 today (peak #209)
Charts #1,383 in subgenre today (peak #44)
December 04, 2005
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128 kbps bitrate
4:03 minutes
Story behind the song
This song is in part about when someone leaves you because of your circumstances and your inability to rise above them. Based in part of a gal from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, another from Whittier, California, and still a couple more from Fullerton, California.
Chart History Former #2 on the Alt. Country chart, #7 on the Country charts. Sleepy Town © Eric Wenner 1999 (Originally recorded for Confessions of Young Moderns: Song Inspired by Bill Nelson – Bird Ornaments Productions 2000)© 2005 Coastal Cowboys In the town that I come from, nothing much moves before the noontime sun The clock strikes eight, roll up the streets and bolt the gates Tuck your little head on in at Sleepy Town Around the corner there lived my girl, prettiest girl in the wide world With her plans to be, Plans that didn’t include me How they going to keep her down in Sleepy Town Sleepy Town, Sleepy Town, we’re as happy as pie right here in Sleepy Town Dropped her off at the town’s bus stop, she blew a kiss to the town’s only cop Her world’s all pack, ain’t no way my baby’s ever coming back She woke up and walked right out of Sleepy Town Last time she called I don’t remember, received her final letter post marked the 31st of December Late at night awake in bed, my thoughts short out inside my head Headphones on the pillow, I’m an electric weeping willow Burned out and down and out here in my Sleepy Town Sleepy Town, Sleepy Town, Thought she was all talk, then she dreamed and walked, got herself out of this old Sleepy Town
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