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New Age Syndrome & The Lord Has Rescued Me
Rock/ Guitar Rock - Robert Schwartz wrote this one and Christian Raw Dog played it on a Tascam 4 Track Cassette Recorder. The truth will set you free.
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Rock - Christian Rock
Previous peak charts position #352
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #26
Robert Schwartz
2005 Roman Recordings, Released 1996
October 26, 2019
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9:07 minutes
NEW AGE SYNDROME By Roman & Hahn We are going to make the world one by harmonic conversion. That's convergence. I said that. Let's all hold hands and hum. If we think hard enough we can make the world one. This ain't gonna work. Bernie Hahn: Guitar Noises, Vocals Rick Roman: Keyboards, Vocals THE LORD HAS RESCUED ME by Robert Schwartz Excuse me, but I couldn't help hearing your screams a moment ago. Is there something I can do to help you? Perhaps I can tell you what has helped me? The Lord has rescued me. With His blood and grace, He's done what could not be He's made my way to God, a path so hard, beyond complexity. Now all men can be free to share a life with God, throughout eternity. You need somewhere to start? The Holy Spirit sees you on your knees. And I'm nobody, nobody, nobody without the love of my Lord. I've heard that need You how You gonna help me? Can't please myself how can I please You? How can I love You when nobody loves me? I don't even love me how can You? But there's salvation for those who will believe From faith to faith a righteousness received The whole story of God's love for man The whole glory of God's unchanging plan. And I'm not ashamed of the Gospel, it is the power of God, for salvation to everyone who believes. I am unashamed, I'm unashamed and I'm proud to proclaim The standard of my life are the inspired words of life in Jesus Christ But, oh my Lord, I pray, that You search my heart and purify my ways. My words are made of clay, but your word will never fade away. And I'm nobody, nobody, nobody without the love of my Lord. I heard You give life then why'd You ever give me this dead end existence! It's all I've ever seen. How can I get back the life I sold for pleasure! A bargain one sided I'm on the losing end. Who believes...Who believes And I'm nobody, nobody, nobody without the love of my Lord, You must be born again Bernie Hahn: Lead Guitar. Background Vocals Rick Roman: Bass & Lead Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Background Vocals Robert Schwartz: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal
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