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Entering Battle reprise
(ver 1.0) Short, powerful, instrumental song, with WWII epic style. Based on the final part of my song 'Entering battle', but including new parts and features.
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Instrumentals - Film Music
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Jaime 'Rantam' Lopez
September 27, 2005
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Story behind the song
The song 'Entering Battle' has many parts and it's a bit long to be used as song for the loading screen of Forgotten Hope,a WWII mod for BF1942/BF2 game (http://www.fh2mod.com). So I decided it'd be good to have a shorter song, focused in the final part of 'Entering battle' (the most powerful part of the song). But I added and changed things that are not included in the original, so it isn't only a reprise version! It's near to be a new one! Finally is a song to invite you to join battle ;-) Status: Completed.
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