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We're Gonna Blindfold Ben
The first recorded attempt at a popular World's Largest Trio stunt. He's blindfolded and being messed with in this recording.
Rock - Guitar Rock
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Lyrics: Z. Mann Zilla
2003 Z. Mann Zilla
August 24, 2005
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Story behind the song
In an attempt to test the improvisational guitar abilities of Ben Hicock, Zilla decided at one show to see how well he could play while blindfolded. However, before the show, he instructed his lunatic sidekick Darth Ninja to "just kind of mess with Ben a little". Darth ended up doing several nasty things after Ben's blindfold dropped, including unplugging a guitar pedal, waving a stinky shoe in Ben's face, and dropping an ice cube down Ben's shirt. Ben withstood the odds and delivered a kick-ass performance. This was recorded LIVE at Broadway Joe's in Buffalo, NY, January 29, 2005.