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Guy Friday
This is a song based on characters created by David Kane, for the DKQ album "The Life & Times Of Guy Friday".
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Lyrics: Z. Mann Zilla - Music: David Kane
2003 D. Kane & Zilla
August 24, 2005
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Story behind the song
Produced as a sample track for some audio recording students at Select Sound Studios (Buffalo, NY). There's another version of this song floating around, which will probably be released as part of an Infantz Of Prog compilation (David Kane's side project). NOTES: -+- "Mushimushi" is Japanese for "Hello", and "watashi wa..." is Japanese for "My name is..." -+- "ZMX" is a reference to "Z. Mann Zilla", or more correctly "Z. Mann Xylla", and was used as an in-joke to allude to popular rap star DMX. -+- The distorted layer of audio was actually accomplished with a Blue's Clues Toy Microphone, owned by David Kane's daughter Ava.
By day, loving husband, caring father But by night... He has a whole other gig! Gotta gig, gotta go! Yeah! 2002! Infantz Of Prog! DKQ! ZMX! Select Sound! '62 Caddy! Whose your daddy?! YEAH! One two, one two... Making out like Cassanova on the vertical split I'm the shiz-nit, the fella with the rapier wit So let's get to the lyrics that you're jammin' to Pickin' up a plan or two Makin' it all come true like I was Mr. Gazoo So is it true, was it you who was hecklin'? Maybe I could ask you to repeat what you said again? Uh! You wanna know my name? Well, mushimushi, watashi wa, Guy Friday! CHORUS: I don't go where I been The road less traveled's the only path for me And you don't know why I give The pieces of myself so easily So why you gotta call it a sin To live in the future, instead of yesterday No matter what they say I'm still gonna always be Guy Friday Hey guys... Uncle Boots is missing! Whu...? Get in... Gotta gig, gotta go! CHORUS Hey guys, I was wonderin'... Who the hell is Uncle Boots anyways? You wanna roll some dough, you wanna smoke some grass? You want the extra minty flavor that lasts and lasts? You wanna roll, hang out, and bend your knee at a joint? Or would you rather listen to a song that rhymes? You know I'm making up the music as I'm going along It's the same song, so why you say I'm doing it wrong? Every line multiplied by the cosine of every single time I hear your bitch-ass whine About how you would like to live a life more free And then divided by the times that you were dissing me Well, if you knew where you were going, why am I leading the way? Mushimushi, watashi wa, Guy Friday! I used to clown around when I hung around down in Allentown People used to frown & put me down when I'd come around Gas me or if they'd pass me, they used to dis and harass me Well, if you ask me, well, they can kiss my ass! I'm a dying breed I refuse to live the lead in your life of greed All I need is my gear, and a place to play Mushimushi, watashi wa, Guy Friday! Marty Marty Motorcycle blew a fart, and fell apart And then they called it existentialist art Now is it part of a sum of a greater whole Or is it like a Tootsie-Roll Well, how the hell should I know? You got the DKQ, you got the ZMX You got Select Sound Crew cuttin' wax with an axe It's all the people it took, so you could hear me say Mushimushi, watashi wa, Guy Friday! Get off the stage, you two-bit telethon band! CHORUS