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She Fixes Me
More like southern UK-country-jungle. ("Swamp"?) #2 in Brit Pop!! Dance y'all!
Album - $9.00
Pop - Euro Pop
Charts #410 in subgenre today (peak #13)
Previous peak charts position #209
E. Wenner/E.Tilley
August 16, 2005
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128 kbps bitrate
4:54 minutes
Story behind the song
This song is about the revival of the soul and spirit that can be found in the arms of your lover after a tough day, making it all worth it and ready to take on the next day. I was very inspired by the Vogues' 'Five O'clock World' and Squint picked up an Ultravox feel to it all. The Actually wrote the song as a bossa nova rocker. Squint arranged it and turned it into a club dance hit. Who knows may be reincarnated into another version someday. We do that kind of thing. Still a work in progress as of (8/05). Every CC song is different. You may hear a sad bastard song from us, then a high energy new wave tune. We don't have a clue how these things sound until we record them! Take care and rave on! - (Flint) This DEMO is Ver 5: Aria PE-90 Anniversary (Annie) on the guitar solos and fills, Korg AX-30 guitar effects board. The Judge will need to fill you on the rest... Rhythym guitar: Aria PE-SPL-DLX-SD (Amber), Keys; Korg DW8000, Recorded on Korg D1600MkII, vocals mic - Octava 319, Mackie Mixer, Bellari Pre-amp. Chart History: Highest chart: #4 Alternative Sub Genre: #2 Brit Pop, #15 Jungle Electronica, #17 Power Pop
(3/24/2005) The weight of the world, flattens my soul, By five o'clock, it's taken its toll, Leaving the warehouse, I'm out on the street Walking quickly, I'm hoping to meet, her CHORUS A squeeze of the pliers, a twist of the screw, she fixes me, A tap of the hammer, a drop of glue, she fixes me, I might not even be broken, still, she fixes me, Everyday a invoice, another bill It's all so endless, until.. The whirl of the machine whines on down, I line up and clock out, and head into town, to her... CHORUS BRIDGE She has the tools to give me the overhaul Fortune is with me, she makes my house calls, She rebuilds what life has taken out of me, On top of that, she waives her fee So every day is not a means to an end, Since I've come to know my lover friend, She fires me up, got me running so lean, Gets me through the time, between, her... CHORUS
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