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I see you close your eyes - one final time... #2 in Acoustic Rock
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Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Jon (Music) and Cooley (Lyrics and Melody)
Soul Dirt - Jon and Cooley
November 14, 2005
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Story behind the song
Crying is a song that has been working its way out for a long time. Many people die. Sometimes they die too young. Sometimes things just happen - and they are left dead to us, even though they shouldn't be. Crying is about those people, who are lost. When we came to write it I was re-reading the play 'Peer Gynt', by Henrik Ibsen. Early in that play the central character - Peer -, tells someone who he loves dearly about a sleigh ride, trying to comfort them as they die. Peer's story of a sleigh ride was intended to help them visualize riding off in a sleigh as they pass. In 'Crying' I decided that I just had to use that concept - as a way of seeing off those who are lost -, so whilst sleigh bells ring rhythmically during about half of the song, as it ends you can hear the sleigh bells becoming more active. The more active sleigh bells signify that the sleigh is departing, as both those who are lost have passed into memory, and the song has run it's life.
Theres a hint of anger in your eyes, sadness is like rage everytime. I see the madness trapped deep in your soul, sanity is relative sometimes. I see you close your eyes one final time, swearing that i won't but I'm... crying Something simple whispered long time back, twisted everything that I knew - about you. Couldn't see beyond the words that we once said, believing now that one is made of two. I see you close your eyes...
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