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Entering Battle
(v 1.0) Epic & powerful song, inspired in World War II. Only orchestral instruments have been used. 100% Original score. Choosen as soundtrack for the WWII game 'Forgotten Hope', a WWII film and a NoFear Documentary
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Instrumentals - Film Music
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Jaime 'Rantam' Lopez
September 25, 2005
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Story behind the song
I composed this song to be part of the soundtrack of the WWII game (Forgotten Hope http://www.fh2mod.com), so It's a song based in films and war soundtracks. I've tried to do a powerful song to transmit the feeling and emotions before joining a battle. Finally the song is not only part of the FH game soundtrack. It has been choosen as part of a WWII film and a NoFear DVD documentary with worldwide distribution. More info in my website http://rantam.blogspot.com Status: Completed
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