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Shaddup and pour me a beer
Beat and changes sounded like a bar song no politics ........ ANTI-message. ....every body say...Shadup... ALL VOX by L Banks
Album - $12.00
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Rock - Rock n Roll
Charts #849 in subgenre today (peak #16)
Previous peak charts position #338
John Frill music L Banks vox / mix
KBC 2005
August 03, 2005
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128 kbps bitrate
3:41 minutes
Story behind the song
You remember .... you're sittin around chewing the fat over some brews ... and some idiot wants to argue politics, religion or the fate of the Toledo Gasping Rapter ? And you said SHADUP and Pour Me a Beer ? Remember ? .... NO ? Never said that ? Wanted to . . . didn't You ? SAY IT IN SONG HERE ------------------------------
Don't you think you only drink to cover up your fears SHAD-UP and pour me another beer and other nonsense
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