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simple acoustics and vocals-layered with crickets cardinals and loons, some sounds of minnesota.
Acoustic - Folk
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jeffrey mike
August 03, 2005
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Story behind the song
nostalgia. my brother's wife just had their baby Ezra, their second, and so naturally, i've been thinking about them alot. thinking about them makes me think about family. and thinking about family makes me think back on the glory days, the blood and dirt days, the scabbed knees and grass stained jeans days...my childhood.
walking down the street of my home town, its a lazy afternoon in a quiet neighborhood the dogs on their leash and someones bbqing the charcoal's in the air, but i don't care, cuz i'm flyin' down the hill on my orange huffy i'm the fastest around, so i ride all over town i've never been more free than i was then with Golden Glove and baseball stuff it was a good life with no worries just cherry cokes and cold icees shwinns and huffys were our cadillacs, and we were all heroes with our baseball bats its the good life with friends around a fire in the back yard playing cards or Playin ditch and kick the can all night long on this warm minnesota summer night.
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