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on & on (2nd version)
on & on. mellow, blues-folk influenced acoustics with flow vocals.
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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jeffrey mike
August 24, 2005
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Story behind the song
radio waves...where do they go when they are done playing thru the radio? i think back to that movie "Frequency"... they play on and on into space and time. Ever since the harnessing of frequencies into radio waves, songs have been transmitted and transformed thru our radio to our ears,& those songs have be imprinted in our memory for later years, reminding us of times past-of the "glory days" as the boss puts it.... bringing back memories, or atleast emotions...& so, no matter what, i can always lean on these memories of kim and mine as we are now...thru time and space, in the songs we write-songs we hear-songs we like-songs we dislike...on and on, there will always be a time i can fall back on.
we hear that song on the radio as we lie next to eachother in eachothers arms on the mattress of the bed that you gave when i had to move out. (repeat) and i feel somethin deep down inside of me its a love i never known its a love i never knew i could ever know a love i never knew i could ever know our love goes on and on like a song on the radio plays and plays (repeat) moments with you i remember when i'm old sittin on a porch when my hair falls out and my teeth do too, i'll remember the times i shared with you when i can't even remember my name, i'll remember the times i shared with you sometimes the songs are slow sometimes they're rock and roll sometimes they're sweet lil lullabyes sometimes they soothe my soul (our love goes on and on)