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In shadow this world is running... #3 in Rock General
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Jon (Music) and Cooley (Lyrics & Melody)
Soul Dirt - Jon and Cooley
November 19, 2005
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Story behind the song
This track started as something that was being strummed on a 12 string - and that developed, over a few hours, into the bridge and the chorus. When I heard how it sounded with a hint of effects the track just had to happen.
Relapse, I think I'm going under again, the black and unholy waters slowly... Closing in, suffocating senses, mind and soul, in shadow this cruel world is running... Down, sinking deep and endless to the void, this tragic universe will slowly burn... slowly burn... I'm a lonely spirit I'm an empty soul, in a bleak landscape I pay the toll. Senseless indecision rules my time, I played this foolish game right to the end. Contact, denied or complicated everytime, distant in the faces of those I... Left behind, swallowing the sadness of their own... making that which made them a black rainbow... black rainbow... I'm a lonely spirit...etc
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