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Running Out of Time
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Bluesy pop song with a smooth jazz influence. It's about time we start working together! (from the album Front Door Key).
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Doc Jazz
Copyright 2005 Doc Jazz
May 26, 2007
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1. Dont ask me when it all went wrong I know it was some time ago Dont ask me why its been so long These are the things that I just dont know We've been living here and whats out of sight Goes out of mind Even wrong and right Becomes so hard When you're running out of time 2. Dont ask me bout those crazy freaks They been messing up for so long Dont ask me why I try to speak out By writing these heartfelt songs I dont want the things that are out of sight To go out of mind Because wrong and right Never change but now we're running out of time Chorus: Lets work together We're running out of time It's now or never We're running out of time Through stormy weather We're standing side by side Its a great endeavour But we gotta start now Cause we're almost Running out of time 3. Dont ask me why they break the rules They think that time is on their side Dont ask me why they think we're fools Maybe their eyes been blinded by their pride
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