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Sort of grungy indie tune. First ever proper recording. Not quite finished yet.
Alternative - Indie
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Lyrics: Aarron Constable, Music: Indra
July 16, 2005
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Story behind the song
Meh, I dunno, I'll ask the songwriter. I think it's about having a baby or something. Interesting Note: 6 guitars at one point, singer is unhappy and wants to do it again!
1st Verse - Rome wasn't built in a day Everything's like this, or so they say Put it together piece by piece Build it up and bond the lease Feeling like it'll never end Taking me back again Feeling like it'll never move One year's gone by, we got the proof Chorus- We've had ups and downs Kissing your face and touching your lips Strangers we used to be But there's two of us, maybe we'll make it three 2nd Verse- I'd always looked from afar Never had the courage to say a word But once we spoke i knew you'd understand I lost the blues and i'm feeling grand There's always time for other things But never enough to spend with you Taking hold of the hour hand And taking it back giving us time to perfect the knack Chorus Bridge- 1, 2, 3, 4 One too many times My heart was torn Chorus 3rd Verse- I've never wished on shooting stars Or had a lucky number just like two I'd never have believed in miracles Until the day, that i met you Chorus