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Alternative - Ska
Previous peak charts position #1,138
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #54
Music by Rabbit, Words Rabbit
July 13, 2005
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128 kbps bitrate
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Intro:Catfight! Rowrr! A:She thinks--the other one is stuck up She thinks--she쳌fs just a slut She dates her--ex-boyfriend Oh! What a Shame! She thinks--her make-up so better She thinks--her hair is so great They쳌fre both like--one another Oh, what a shame! Huh! B:There쳌fs gonna be a catfight And--I wonder who wins Looks like great fun to me--Oh! Let the fight begin! Bridge: It looks so fun! Intro:Catfight now! Let쳌fs see the catfight! A:Her grades--are so much better But she-has a cute face Truth is--they are both best friends Oh! What a mess! She talks--bad about best friends She lies-about her friend too Looks like--there will be no peace now Oh! What a shame! Huh! B:repeat Bridge: It looks so fun! Solo A:She stole her--last boyfriend But she--stole him right back There is no--solution Oh! What a mess! No doubt--there will be a fight And We All--just can쳌ft wait It will be--quite a big scene Oh! What a shame! B: repeat Let쳌fs place some bets on the fight And see who wins I bet the younger one kicks her butt So--let the fight begin! Bridge: It looks so fun! Intro: Catfight now! (Cat sounds) Good god now!