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DZK - The Mosh Pit (Stomp 'Em)
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
DZK/Shadowville Productions
July 04, 2005
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DZK - The Mosh Pit (Stomp 'Em!) [hook]:[1] [ATTENTION!] - get up in that Mosh Pit! [okay!] get up in that Mosh Pit and get to stompin [yeah!] if somebody talking that sh** , get em off it [okay!] stomp em! [yeah!] stomp em! [stomp em!] stomp em! [yeah!] stomp em! any one of yall, gotta problem with me and I'ma solve it by just stompin' my feet [okay!] [verse]:[1] you never seen another rapper as crazy as me as soon as I'm touchin the stage, you get what you came to see baby, you get what you need and what you need is what you seeing in front of you, [it's young D Z K] what the f*** you gonna do? I say what I want, if I wanted approval - from you, I'd ask but I don't want nothin from you - but some cash you wanna show? I got flow, but it's never for free and I ain't ever sing a note, for any less than a "G" you better pony up the money, homey cuz any phoney or funny business with my sh** -- and this sh** 'll get ugly, homey you know I take this industry sh** serious, I'm bout my dough I know you heard though, I'm thorough, I'm bound to count it slow [no] you won't ever pull a fast one on Mr. Jack-son naw, dog, my tactics are raw, ask 'em who the baddest rapper to battle up in the last... um... three years, is... you can see here, b*** [hook]:[2] [verse]:[2] they say I can't jump, they say I can't dance they say I'll never make it in the game, no chance but who are they? [oh] no name, no plans they the same dudes with music but no fans okay kiddies, you can start the hatin' when I'm up in the place, f*** in' Harlem Shakin I got rhythm, this ain't your average anglo-saxon is it? [no] is it? [no] is it? [so] zip it closed nobody knows sh** about who I really am hand fulla philly's, ten grams of that illy, man I smoke silly plants, you know how I get down on those pilly's, damn focused when I spit now my speech is speedy on any beat, it's sorta like, a porta-rican speakin, to police on the border I'm like: quit it, you gotta be kidding, I'm better, don't ever consider that sh** you reppin as competition, cuz winning against this isn't some sh** you'll finish, I bet 'em [hook]:[3] [bridge]: we get drunk-un- til the sun comes up come get some if you wanna get f*** ed up, we got enough for everybody now get up and come on we gonna party we be smoking up... [with the chronic] we shot-gun- them blunts [unitl we vomit] we stay poppin pills.. [until the bottle] ain't got one... [in the bottom of it] [outro]:[x2] let's get it rockin' let's get it, get it poppin' yall let's all get up in the Mosh Pit and brawl brawl in the Mosh Pit this is Hip-Hop, stomp in the Mosh Pit get it, get pumped let's get it rockin yall let's get it poppin yall let's all get up in the Mosh Pit let's all brawl the Mosh Pit yeah
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