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Steve Gilmore Trashes KBC
The piece that got me kicked out of the 'Original' Seniors Club >> The worst song eview Steve Gilmore ever gave. . . . . . as recited by John with music by Larry. I still think its funny . . . . and the song did suck
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words Steve Gilmore / music KBC
KBC 2005
July 04, 2005
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Story behind the song
Just thought it be funny to use a review .... especially a bad one..... as a tune.
Artist: Krill Banks Conspiracy Title: Another War Song aka Exploding People Review by Steve Gilmore ----------------------------------------- I first encountered the Krill Banks Conspiracy last month when I reviewed If It's Over. John Krill and Larry Banks have lots of experience so I was kinda expecting a lot more than I actually got from them. Although I could see that the guys were perfectly at home making music, the track lacked that vital, vital spark: excitement. Not wishing to do the guys down unecessarily, I took a listen to another track - War Gods - and again although I actually liked this track more it still missed the bullseye. I never like to dish someone's hard work, but when a case is proved, and proved again - it becomes a sort of duty... I'm sure right now John and Larry are saying uh oh.... Well, sorry about this guys but I feel the same about Another War Song and - for my money - this really has to come down to performance AND production. My major problem is that - as daft as it sounds - I HAVE heard it all. At this stage after 5 years of constant day to day reviewing, I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't both for myself and for a great many listeners. I know how damn high that bar is, and believe me there aren't that many artists around that can chin it with confidence. Yeah but Gilmore, you may say, not all of us can be as good as some of Soundclick's real stars. It is just a hobby, after all. Well, actually it isn't. Surprisingly enough, it is art. At it's finest it can touch people and even change their lives, at it's worst it can resemble a Crazy Frog. The major problem with Another War Song, and indeed almost everything KBC has online, is that it is - God I hate to use this word - lacklustre. The song structure is standard, the sound is a major culprit but ultimately it's the lack of life the musicians SHOULD be pouring into the track that nails it for me. As much as I think the lyrics are important to a) the understanding of the song and; b) the composer, it amazes me that he should sing it so sloppily. It was only when I was reading the lyrics that I was able to make out what was being said. There are times - and I would hope this is one of them - when a track is saying something important, it rests on the performer even more to make sure that the words are legible to even a casual listener. This has been one of the harder reviews I have had to write lately because I believe that John and Larry are trying hard, and I sincerely hate doing this but what's the point if I can't say what I mean? Two things to bear in mind; production and arrangement. Tightening up those will help enormously to get your point across to an increasingly sophisticated audience. Or maybe I'm just talking bollocks again... Steve Gilmore
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