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Basketball Song
Song about a big win in a little Hoosier town. Just in case you didn't know, we LOVE our basketball!
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2005, Den Hollinden (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
June 30, 2005
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Story behind the song
If you cheered for the Hickory Huskers in the movie Hoosiers, this song is for you. In 2005, another true story is born. This time the team is coach Tom Beach's Forest Park Rangers, and they're kicking some serious basketball butt to win the Indiana state 2a championship--otherwise known as "the state."
Here in Indiana Mothers try to grow 'em tall-- Buy 'em Wheaties, hoops and elevator shoes; So, they can play basketball. Height's hardly half as high here As our hopes and dreams. They're bigger than the barn, Taller than the corn; We'd like to make a little history. When that buzzer beater went wooshin' in, Man, it must of just been fate, 'Cause who would of thunk They could of did what they done The day Forest Park won the state? (Chorus) Can you recall what you were doin' the day Forest Park won the state? Bouncin' all the way back from bein' down by 10 To winnin' it--ain't it great! Did you feel like a Hopf was dribbelin' your heart On down that hardwood floor? Did you reckon it really hadn't hit you yet Even walkin' out the door? How in the heck Can we ever forget The day Forest Park won the state? Who ever seen so many people Pilin' in to Fleig's Cafe? They were smilin' such big ones You'd swear they'd been there all day. Outside "We Are the Champions" Was playin' way too loud. Ones that were and the one they call "Sir" Were paradin' for the crowd. Was the whole dang world in Ferdinand? Who forgot to shut the gate? Thought we were gonna die On that roller coaster ride The day Forest Park won the state. (Chorus) (Spoken) You know that "Some Beach" song? I reckon that was written about Coach Beach, 'Cause he is some coach. How in the heck Can we ever forget The day Forest Park won the state? ...Here in Indiana.
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