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American Pride (tribute)
To all of America!They'll never steal the spirit of American pride. Upbeat, patriotic song!
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Tlee and Iris
June 21, 2005
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Story behind the song
We wrote this a few months after 9-11 tragedy. But it's not just a 911 song, rather a song about the pride in our hearts as Americans! No matter what, let us supprt troops and cherish our freedom. Lyrics by Iris, music and vocals by Tlee.God bless America!
American Pride (Tlee & Iris)2001 It's true our wing is broken But the eagle proudly flies Many prayers so humbly spoken For the hurt and those who died No one will ever count the rivers As a nation we have cried Yet you'll never steal the spirit Of "American Pride" We're proud and we are loyal Home of the brave and ever true Old Glory's still a'waving Stars and stripes, red white and blue We are walking hand in hand And we're marching side by side So you'll never steal the spirit Of "American Pride" New York, the empire crumbled But ever upward, love conquers hate Virtue, liberty and independence Pennsylvania, our Keystone state Thus ever to tyrants, Virginia says You've sealed your fate For our motto still holds true "In God we trust" The world has heard our warning Don't tread on us For we'll only grow stronger And it surely is a must We'll draw closer together Be united as one Rise up and shine Like the early morning sun We shall not be defeated Or our freedom be denied You'll never steal the spirit Of "American Pride" You'll never steal the spirit of American Pride American pride.. American pride..
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