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N O For Dummies
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. . .sigh, another Book For Dummies . . .
Country - Bluegrass
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Reni Kay
Reni Kay
June 18, 2005
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Story behind the song
This came out yesterday morning almost full grown, I have no idea from where!
NO FOR DUMMIES © Reni Kreitzberg Wednesday, June 15, 2005 V1 It's a word I know you've heard, Don't wanna tax your brain And tho it seems quite absurd, I'll try now to explain If you just don't get it, I can spell it out again It's "N O for dummies, All right let's begin C N O for dummies, so you can understand "No, not now, no never" Why can't you comprehend? Did you catch what I 'm sayin, Don't pretend you didn't hear Don't miss the part "it's over" and "get outta here " V2 Never, Nada Nothing Nix no no no and nyet Needless, Nowhere No how - oh have you got it yet? Not next week or next year I'll say it once again now that that's very clear, we're thru with N V3 Let's take the next big letter, and Keep Moving on O's for ouch, oops, over and 'going, going, gone" Cuz You're a little slow I'll take the o once more Outgunned, outclassed get your *!*!*! out of my door Bridge Your eyes are glazed you have got That deer in the headlight look Oh come on It doesn't take a lot Just to read the stupid book!
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