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Powerless (Live)
Taken from a show we played in Kansas City. Featuring the Montgomery duo, Pablo Sanchez on flute, Jimmy Clarence on banjo, and Hans McGraw on bass.
Rock - Folk Rock
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Todd Filch, Jessie Kremlin and Bobbie Jones
Todd Filch, Jessie Kremlin and Bobbie Jones
June 15, 2005
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Story behind the song
A slower song about this gal who burned down half of Texas.
Look out, Bobby Su Where are you going to? Where are you running off to, now? Look out, Papa Smith Here comes Bobby Su She's on a rampage and she hates you My, oh my! I tried to stop her, but I was powerless Now all of Houston's on fire What am I supposed to do? My, oh my, but I was powerless! Couldn't stop her even if I tried